Run the Rivers of Southern Africa AKTION

Run the Rivers of Southern Africa von Celliers Kruger

Kurzbeschreibung: More than 140 sections on over 70 rivers are described, from short one-day to severe multi-day expedition trips. Commercial rafters will get the information they need to go rafting, K1-paddlers will find their favourite rivers described and some more unknown ones, and kayakers will realise how many more rivers are to run.

For many paddlers it is not just a sport to run rivers, but a lifestyle. For those who feel the spirit of the river in their veins, this book will be more than an attractive source of information ; i twill become a source of inspiration

  • Erschienen: 2001
  • EInband : gebunden, Farbfotos, Karten Skizzen
  • Verlag: Hinz